About Us

What We Do

The Scientific Training Department at Promega provides continuous training to improve knowledge & skills using a traditional method of instructional development (ADDIE) in live and web-based classes. PromeLearn, our automated Learning Management System (LMS) tracks and records training progress.

How we do it

ADDIE is a 5-step process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.  Analysis determines the specific training needs and/or gaps in performance.  Design is the process of creating a plan, which identifies training objectives and then builds a lesson that achieves the desired training outcomes. Development is the process of creating instructional materials. Implementation is the process of carrying out the plan and must always include practice and feedback.  Evaluations (i.e. Assessments) provide proof that the trainees have acquired the desired changes in knowledge, skills or abilities.

Scientific Training deploys: 1) Self-paced, computer-based training, 2) Live webcasts and 3) Live classroom courses.

Self-paced, computer-based courses don’t require an instructor. In self-paced courses, the trainee individually accesses and proceeds through the training at a personalized pace.

Live webcasts are training events transmitted via the Internet and when conducted in real time, give trainees access to an instructor for immediate answers to questions with feedback.

Live classroom courses are a traditional delivery method and should be personal, dynamic, and interactive. In a live classroom, the learners are able to practice skills and receive direct guidance from the instructor, which promotes skill acquisition and mastery.