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Promega offers STR Analysis for Forensic and Paternity Testing

PowerPlex® Fusion System
A five-color fluorescent system that co-amplifies 23 STR loci and Amelogenin, including the CODIS core loci and European Standard Set loci. The system offers the highest discrimination from a single reaction and delivers more information for demanding forensic, paternity and relationship testing cases.

PowerPlex® Y23 System
The PowerPlex® Y23 system is a rapid human identification Y-STR assay for forensic casework, offender databasing and relationship testing. The five-color system uses rapid cycling to co-amplify 23 Y-STR loci and direct-amplification protocols for common sample types.

SwabSolution™ and PunchSolution™ Kits and AmpSolution™ Reagent
The SwabSolution™ Kit, PunchSolution™ Kit and AmpSolution™ Reagent are used to process swabs and storage card punches for direct amplification using PowerPlex® Systems.

PowerPlex® 21 System
A rapid human identification STR system for forensic casework, offender databasing and relationship testing.

PowerPlex® 18D System
The PowerPlex® 18D System allows direct amplification and four-color fluorescent detection of seventeen STR loci and Amelogenin. The reduced amplification time allows easier and faster genotyping for database and paternity laboratories.

PowerPlex® ESX and ESI Systems
These five-dye systems amplify the ENFSI-recommended loci and allow DNA profile sharing across Europe

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