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CS1_ADDIE Process

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The World of Education, Training, and Development

ADDIE Process

Organizations utilize systematic training models to facilitate the planning and organization of diverse learning activities, which ultimately lead to successful learning experiences (Cowell, Clinton, McWhorter, & Jorden, 2006).

There are numerous approaches that can be utilized to reduce or eliminate the problems encountered during the development of employees (Rodriguez, Burrus, & Shaw, 2011; Wootton, 2011). Effective systematic training models include the following: Instructional Design Method, Systematic Design of Instruction, Performance-based Instructional Model, Training for Performance System, Training for Impact, Telling Ain’t Training Model, Training the Trainer, Problem-based Learning, Strategic System Model, Embedded Learning, Talent Management, Human Performance Technology, and others (Rodriguez, Burrus, & Shaw, 2011).

However, the ADDIE model is considered to be the standard conceptual framework most utilized to date by many organizations (Wootton, 2011; Cowell, Clinton, McWhorter, & Jorden, 2006). I personally use this model due to its logical and generic structure.

The ADDIE model consists…

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