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The young scientists of tomorrow in a workshop for today

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‘A Question of Taste’ is a molecular biology and evolution workshop for students aged 16+.  At Nowgen, instead of using public engagement specialists, the workshop is led primarily by PhD students, helping make the workshop more ‘authentic’ and providing a platform for young scientists to engage with school students.

Here, four researchers from The University of Manchester share their thoughts on why they think it’s good to engage.

The day begins at 10am with the students arriving at The Nowgen Centre. After students have signed in and put away their coats and bags, lab coats are donned and the fun begins!

The first part of the day (and possible highlight) involves the taste test: each student tastes two strips of paper, one control and one coated in phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). PTC tastes bitter to some people yet is tasteless to others; this differing response frames the day’s engaging practical activities and discussions…

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