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Genomics Software – An Overview

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Genomics Software

Genomics software is used by scientists and clinicians to analyze genomes.  In other words, it is software that helps laboratory personnel to make sense of large amounts of DNA sequence data.

Since the throughput of sequencers has risen greatly in recent years, along with even more striking decreases in the cost of both sequencers and sequencing run, many more genomes are being sequenced than ever before.  This has created a situation where genomic data is generated faster than it can be analyzed.  Genomics software was a creature of necessity to help analyze, manage, and store these troves of genetic data.

Genomics software can serve a multitude of purposes.  It can provide primary analysis on sequenced genomes (generally QA and related stats), it can perform secondary analysis (things like mutation identification, finding short tandem repeats, and identifying other genomic abnormalities), or more rarely perform tertiary analysis (providing insight into the meaning…

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