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USA PromeTech Technical Training

PromeTech Technical Training

March 3 – 7, 2014

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PromeTech Training Agenda

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PromeTech March 2014 Pre-work Assignments

Helix Worksheet

Functional Protein Analysis Scenario Worksheet

Biologics Scenario Worksheet


Course Description

March 2014 PromeTech is a face-to-face education, training and relationship-building forum for Promega employees and Distributors. Face-to-face contact helps establish a feeling of community and create long-term business & personal relationships as we socialize and interact with one another.   The program will focus on new products and technologies, and applications with emphasis on 2014 SBU initiatives, and campaigns (e.g. channel, customer, applications). You will also spend time with R&D scientists in the lab working with interesting chemistries, assay systems and integrated technologies.

As we move forward on developing the program we will provide updates on agenda and specific pre-requisites that will prepare you for classroom activities.

Goals of PromeTech Technical Training

The attendees who complete the PromeTech program will be able to:

1. Explain scientific principles, facts and data about key new products
2. Answer frequently asked questions and solve common problems
3. Use analytic & interpretative skills to troubleshoot more complex problems
4. Perform Laboratory exercises to be able to:

- Describe product packaging and configuration
- Perform basic procedures & steps to achieve expected results
- Identify and resolve problems at specific test or control points in a procedure
- Discuss detection methods and interpret data.

For further information, contact: Promega Scientific Training

For additional program information, contact: Rick Salatino, Scientific Training Manager.

For registration information, contact: Jai Ingersoll, Logistics & Events Coordinator.


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